The three panel piece in various stages of being worked for Thrive Senior Living - Atlanta, GA.
I recently bought a printing press & I could not be more excited to get back into the swing of printing.

Painting and printmaking were my two biggest loves while at college, and I've missed the latter dearly!

I've been dreaming about owning my printing press for a long time.

The new robin's egg blue press in all her glory!
Sojourn Creative Arts Team will have a booth at the June 21st Huntsville Arts Stroll in Historic Downtown Huntsville.  Come see new artwork by Serpent & Dove Art as well as many other artists.

Sidewalk Arts Stroll

Huntsville’s sidewalks become stages for the arts at the Sidewalk Arts Stroll. Held in May, June, July, and August around downtown Huntsville’s historic courthouse square, the Sidewalk Arts Stroll is a premier marketplace with a diverse collection of artists, vendors, and performers who offer something for everyone!

Enjoy free entertainment as you peruse vendor booths with original artwork, pottery, organic produce, fresh cut flowers, handcrafted paper-and much, much more!

Dates for the 2012 Summer Sidewalk Arts Stroll Series May 17, June 21, July 19 and August 16.

Time: 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm.
Thought provoking article by Dan Haseltine of Relevant Magazine - "Can Offensive Art by Christian?"  <--- Click to get the full article

It struck a real cord for me. I've been the artist that has had other Christians look at a particular piece from my body of work and give me "the look" usually followed by a disgusted comment like "this is different." I should be used to this by now; I don't always paint happy pink bubble images.  Our human condition isn't always like that - sometimes it's dark, dirty, & raw. We live in a world consumed by sin. I usually want to yell back at dirty looks and snide comments something like "YES, I DON'T PAINT FLOWERS IN VASES" - and that's my own pride and fleshliness. Dark is redeemed by light - I hope my artwork, however dark, points to Jesus and glorifies Him as the only redeemer. We have become comfortable in what kind of visual art we see in our churches, and we don't want to be shown anything outside of that comfort zone - I think that sometimes you are uncomfortable for a reason; you are being called to action by Christ.   

Here's a blurb from the article:
"We have come so far from reflecting the rebel Jesus in our art and cultural engagement that we do not recognize Him when He surfaces. I still wrestle with the fact that Jesus hung out with prostitutes not simply to tell them what they were doing wrong, but to love them where they were. He was in the world, and His agenda was to love. He was not looking for reasons to be offended. He was not looking for reasons to stay home, safely out of harm’s way. We weren’t set apart in order to live apart. We were called God’s own so we could confidently go into the world.

If ever there was an arrogance perpetuated in the Church, our art is to blame. Our art describes the world where we live. We don’t spend enough time with prostitutes and outlaws, drunks and addicts. We don’t write about lust and fear and greed and obesity and broken things. We relegate our art to the way we wish the world should be and not how the world actually is. We are only offended because we forget the kinds of depravity we could reach if not for God’s grace."
Ascribing Artists "Visiting Artist" Exhibit with the Huntsville Art League (HAL).

Huntsville Art League, 3005 L&N Dr. Suite 2, Huntsville, AL 35801

Exhibit is for all of March 2012.

Participating Artists Include: Lynn Weatherford, Jane Blevins, Leslie Brasher, Rita Campbell, Kala Beaver, Deborah Taylor, Jackie Segars, Judy Hardwick, Vicki Garner, Amanda Duke Brown, Teresa Batchelor, Johanna Littleton, Gina Hurst, John Stout.

A GREAT article coming out of Relevant Magazine entitled  "Is There a Place for Creative Christians?" I highly recommend taking some time out to read this article!

- Why creating is like faith
- How the Church can benefit from creativity
- Why success as an artist doesn’t always look like you think it does
- Why a Christian artist doesn’t have to make “Christian art”
- When art gets in the way of the story

Link to the Article: Is There a Place for Creative Christians?
Kathie Depew of Cotton Ridge Designs, LLC was kind enough to add
a nice review and a portfolio page for Serpent & Dove Art! 

Check out Kathie's very fun blog here:
Serpent & Dove Art will have one piece for sale at The Arts Council, Inc fundraiser event "pARTy 2011" Friday, November 18th at 6:00pm.

pARTy is an exclusive, biennial adventure in art held at a private residence. All proceeds benefit The Arts Council new arts education initiatives and the Panoply Arts Festival.

The Arts Council staff and volunteers remove the extensive personal art collection of the homeowners and replace it with the diverse array of paintings, collages, sculptures, vessels and other art from all over the region.

Call 256.519.2787 or email today for your invitation!

Serpent & Dove Art is now selling artwork on 

Shop Name: SerpentandDoveArt

reflection on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8